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New York State Public Service Commission Your Rights as an Energy Services Company Consumer ESCO Consumers Bill of Rights Customers can purchase energy from an Energy Services Company (ESCO) or from a traditional utility.If you choose to purchase energy from an ESCO you are entitled to: • A clear description of the services offered by the ESCO.• A description of how pre-payment agreements work, if offered.• Notice from the ESCO, no less than thirty days prior to the contract renewal date, of the renewal terms and the options you have as a customer. • Provision of any written documents (contracts, marketing materials, and this ESCO Consumer Bill of Rights), in the same language used to enroll you as a customer.• Disclosure, in simple and clear language, of the terms and conditions of the agreement between you and the ESCO including: • price and all variable charges or fees; • length of the agreement; • terms for renewal of the agreement; • cancellation process and any early termination fees, which are limited by law; and • conditions, if any, under which the ESCO guarantees cost savings.• Rescind an agreement with an ESCO within three days of receiving the agreement, if you are a residential customer.• Una descripción de cómo los acuerdos de prepagos trabajan, si se ofrece.• Comunicación de ESCO, no menos de treinta días antes de la fecha de renovación de contrato, de la renovación de los términos y las opciones que usted tiene como cliente.

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The monthly fee is only applicable to New York City customers living within the five boroughs (the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island).

If you are a residential customer you are also entitled to the rights and protections of the Home Energy Fair Practices Act (HEFPA) which requires that all utility customers be treated fairly with regard to application for service, customer billing, and complaint procedures. ESCOs that do not assure these consumer rights could lose their eligibility to provide service in New York.

Please report any complaints to the Department of Public Service at 1-800-342-3377 ( am – pm), by mail at Office of Consumer Services, NYS Department of Public Service, 3 Empire State Plaza, Albany, NY 12223, or online at

I also understand that this offer is a projection based upon historic usage and current energy rates, that the price may change monthly and that this offer is not a guarantee of specific savings, that it is not mandatory to switch to an alternative supplier and that I may cancel this agreement at any time upon written or verbal notification with no penalty.

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Price Structure: The variable price for natural gas or electricity sold under this Agreement is established on an approximately monthly basis based upon natural gas or electricity market pricing, transportation or transmission, and other market and business price related factors.The following is a brief summary of important requirements applicable to home improvement contractors.